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Katy Perry’s Unconditionally Analysis: Wisdom, Love, Power

Love Withstands The Icy Tundra

Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” is a different kind of love story. There’s a grandiose ballroom, couples romancing, a lot of intimacy and plenty of fire, water and ice. Through imagery, the video makes everything look rosy and beautiful, even the parts where the bed is on fire, someone is submerged and Katy is hit by a vehicle. Nobody seems to be suffering. The verses are always delivered softly, like she’s whispering in your ear, but when the chorus comes it’s like her excitement levels are over the roof!

Using race and LGBT as prominent examples, the song attempts to purge discrimination against these minority groups by painting them as equally deserving of love. In her lyrics, she reassures anyone, who might still feel insecure, that they’ll be accepted regardless of background or sexual orientation. To the majority, she argues that we should show devotion to universal love as much as we do for religious faith. Through her fantasy, we get to see her visualize love as something that can withstand the toughest of element, like fire and ice.

Let’s look deeper into the meaning of this song.

Katy Perry Unconditionally

In a fantasy ballroom, Katy Perry envisions a world where love exists for everyone, even if nature decides to turn the place into an icy tundra.

Katy Perry Unconditionally

A man submerged beneath the water finds love, just like how baptism brings you into Christianity. Faith is needed to take this plunge.

Having grown up inspired by gospel music, Christianity plays a major influence in her life. But here, she isn’t really preaching religion, though she uses it to attach a divine significance of her message about love. In order to feel its power you need to first accept it.

Acceptance is the key to be
To be truly free
Will you do the same for me?

So it’s clear that Katy Perry intends act as a preacher of love. From her beseeching tone to her outfit, which makes her look like a cardinal of love, she attempts to sway our hearts in the same way a religious sermon would. Capitalizing on the human need to belong, she puts a gathering of people as a prominent image of those who have ‘accepted’ her ‘faith’. If the religious can show devotion to their faith, then they should be capable to show something as simple as love without discrimination.

The large bed of flowers represent marriage, which you can say is like a contract of love with God.

Is she trying to say love is more important than religion?

It isn’t just God who is omnipresent, but His love too. Can humans replicate His ability to spread love to every being? Yes, if we’re willing to take the plunge, to make a concentrated effort together, we can. Our belief in God’s unconditional love for all of us can be echoed by us humans, in our love for each other. So what she’s really trying to say is this: Love religion’s main message. Rejecting love is like rejecting Him.

This song was inspired by her trip to Madagascar on a UNICEF mission. There she got exposed to people living in extreme poverty, but renewed hope for future generations come in a chance at education.

Katy Perry Unconditionally

That kid is pointing at someone. I’m sure of it.

This is what she’s trying to emulate in the video. This time, she wants to be like a UNICEF missionary in a place where love is judged and people are discriminated. The ballroom, with all its beautiful, lush decor, represents a sanctuary: The one place where you can lose your fear of your judgmental society and simply be loved.

The kid knows God is aware of all kinds of love.

1. A mother’s love is the purest of them all, demanding great sacrifice. As she ages, the child grows.
2. Many years later, the child takes take of his aged mother
3. The freeing of the Owl might just remind us of animal rights
4. Love in brotherhood is a mix of unwavering loyalty and respect for each other. This is especially true in the Army.
5. The world has moved on from racism a long time ago. Today we only joke about it, and true racists are old and minority.
6. Gay relationships are still viewed as taboo, but the LGBT community have established themselves as a stronghold, and countries are slowly approving same-sex marriages.

When we picture the above scenarios, we realize society’s slowly accepting more and more kinds of love. If you have enough followers that are brave enough to fight for your beliefs, continue to support each other and you can accomplish anything. In time history will paint the judgement as inhumane, as an abuse of human rights.

For the LBGT, the approval of same-sex marriages in your country will feel like the Emancipation Act. In any case, remember that religion had the most brutal beginning of all: Jesus faced crucifixion from the Romans, Muhammad had to go to war and Moses had to face the wrath of the pharaoh so that Christianity, Islam and Judaism could get to where they are today.

Are you willing to sacrifice for love?

Katy Perry Unconditionally

Owl symbolism:
In today’s modern world, the owl represents wisdom. But did you know that in old cultures, it was a symbol of bad omen? In a ballroom reminiscent of Victorian Era (1837-1901), she releases the owl so that it can fly. “Let go and just be free…” In doing so, she tells us that, over time, it’s possible to change people’s perspective of you if you make them believe their judgement is just like superstition.

What about Satanism or Wicca?

Looking at the heavy Christian context of this video, you might be wondering about this. Satanism is under even more heat than any LBGT community, because if there’s one thing the Abrahamic religions can agree on, looking upon the Devil as a hero rather than denouncing him as Evil is tantamount to war. After all, Satan’s goal is to drag all humans to Hell. You’re looking at billions of followers against a hundred thousand globally, Wicca and Satanists combined.

But does that mean they’re evil people?

Absolutely not. Nobody in their right frame of mind will revere something that wants to destroy them. Rather, they’re simply drawing inspiration from Satan as a symbol of independence, wisdom and emancipation. Just like Prometheus. If you’re with Katy Perry, and all for “I will love you unconditionally”, you’ll need to accept everyone as brothers and sisters. Let them on their own path.

Katy Perry Unconditionally

Even Katy Perry gets friend zoned at times. So why the fear? Let go and just be free.

The music plays around with tribal drums, escalating in tempo leading up to the chorus. Slow…and then boom. In one moment, everything gets hyped: the music, her voice, everyone starts to dance, the bed is set on fire, she gets hit by a car, showered by flowers.

All of this highlights the feeling you get, the euphoria, the sense of empowerment when you finally let go. Love is a force of nature, untamed, powerful and on our side.

Conclusion. We like to believe in our, their and everybody’s rights to practice individual faiths. However, this isn’t easy in a society that’s multi-religious and highly opinionated. There are times when we feel somebody else’s faith is disturbing to our own, and vice versa. Yet all it takes is a man or woman of wisdom to guide the faithful, motivate and empower them, and it’s easier today because people in general have become more open than before. Katy Perry’s vision of a safe haven where everyone can just embrace is other is beautiful, though it may be a bit harder than she makes it look, it is definitely possible for our world.

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