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Hi, I’m Fira.

It probably didn’t take long for readers to figure out the concept that inspired Musiceon. I could have just gone with music and eon, pulling together a classic “music is timeless” concept. But I wanted Musiceon to be cute.

I’m a digital native. Musiceon is where I write about music, people, and the internet. You might see some cool guides, long musings or sweet photos. I might create works that are insightful, helpful or even inspiring. To help us understand people’s music, and why they sing it.

I spend a lot of time in the vast internet of music, up the stairway to heaven and down the highway to hell armed with a pair of headphones. Reading, curating playlists, saving physical or digital art, following artists, traditions, experiments, analyzing music, collecting data or exploring apps.

As the world sleeps, such works are being composed, written, coded, or painted under the moonlight. People will always continue to upload their music, or the ones they like. There’s no end to humanity’s hopes and despair, no end to the music that celebrates or mourns them, and the lessons that lie within – thus no end to my research.

Musiceon finds the muse that inspires them.

If I find something curious I might tweet about it. Our muses sing on the Internet. The world is filled with dangerous things like exams, waiting, deadlines, memes, and internet articles telling you what to do. Conquer or seek refuge from these evil beings with the power of music 🎧

Musiceon was made with ❤ for music.

Thanks for stopping by!

A project by Fira Declani x 朵朵

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