21 Sexiest Female K-Pop Artists

The Allure Of Hallyu's Muses

Sistar Soyu I Swear

If there is one thing that keeps K-Pop exciting, it is definitely the allure of the ladies that attempt to captivate us in music videos and live performances. Our favorite unnis and maknaes deliberately go the extra mile to project a whole new level of sexiness that we cannot get enough of. We are going to have to hope some of these sexy women make an appearance on sites like just like a few celebrities manage to.

In our first edition of Eye Candy, we present a list of 21 individuals that, time and time again, prove that they are the sexiest female Korean Pop artists in the business.

Note : This list is in absolutely no particular order. Nor is it perfect. After all, who can really decide?
Another Note : A lot like the content on adult entertainment websites such as, this article might not be work safe.

1. Nicole Jung – KARA

Flaunting perfect abs and sexy dance moves, Nicole simply has a natural ability to captivate when she’s performing on the stage. It’s no wonder she’s been dubbed KARA’s American Dream.

KARA Nicole Sexy

2. Lee Hyori

If there’s anyone who dares to push the boundaries of sexy, it’s Lee Hyori. SPICA’s love of wet bodies, beach and bikini obviously came from her.

Lee Hyori Beach Bikini

3. Yuri – SNSD (Girls’ Generation)

Being part of Korean Pop’s “Divine Nine” looks like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? Kwon Yuri’s charm is her stage presence, where her dance, her abs and her natural fire makes her one of Korea’s most alluring MC of all time.

Kwon Yuri SNSD

4. Ga-in – Brown Eyed Girls

Take a look at the music videos for BEG’s “Abracadabra”, Psy’s “Gentleman” and her solo “Bloom”, and you see why Ga-in is one of Korean Pop’s most sensual ladies. Just like these shoots for Vogue Korea and her Bloom album cover.

Gain sexy vogue bloom

5. Suzy – Miss A

Suzy is alluring eye candy just by her face, which is why she was ranked #14 on the Independent Critics’ list of 100 most beautiful faces 2013.

Miss A Suzy Geek Mag

6. Minhee – Stellar

She’s so temptingly hot even her fellow members like to touch her inappropriately.

Stellar Minhee

7. Hyuna – 4Minute

Best recognized as the lady in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video, Hyuna isn’t just 4Minute’s hot rapper. She’s chic, naughty, likes ice cream and slapping guys’ asses. Her stage presence is 4 minutes of pure sexy thrill. You can’t help but love her.

4minute hyuna sexy

8. Jeon Hyosung – Secret

Leader of girl group Secret, Hyosung’s birth name alludes to Korean for “Meteor”. How can someone be so hot and kawaii at the same time?

Jeon Hyosung Secret sexy

9. G.NA

Take some time to study her stunning body proportions you’ll understand that miss Gina Jane Choi is no stranger to “K-Pop” and “sexy”.

Gina Choi Sexy

10. Yura – Girls’ Day

It’s hard not to notice Korean Pop’s female President Kim Yura, rapper of girl group Girls’ Day whose charm includes a fierce individuality blended perfectly with feminine allure. Isn’t she something?

Girls Day Yura Sexy

11. Lee Chae-rin (CL) – 2NE1

And speaking of femme fatale, right here we’ve got K-Pop’s very own diabolical baddest female. With them chains on, dogs on a leash, Prada and gold teeth, there’s gonna be so much bling bitches will swear she’s Illuminati.

2NE1 CL Baddest Female

12. Jei – Fiestar

Leader of Fiestar, Jei’s ability to captivate with her singing and dancing is amazing, but her sexiest talent is that she’s a smooth talker.

Fiestar Jei

13. Jiyul – Dal Shabet

Attractively fluent in English thanks to her British upbringing, Yang Jung Yoon is a vocalist of her group Dal Shabet and she’s got one kind of a talent in street dancing as well. Plus she can do a full split.

Dal Shabet Jiyul

14. Choa – Ace Of Angels

Don’t let Choa’s K-Pop cherry look fool you, especially not when she’s Like A Cat or imitating Elsa. This girl secretly keeps two pairs of wings, rocking the electric guitar for AOA Black and then switching over to sexy dance moves for AOA White. This muse is an angel of music.

AOA Choa Sexy

15. Nana – After School/Orange Caramel

Close friends with KARA’s Nicole Jung and part of the 91′ club, Nana’s modelling career before After School means that she’s already recognized in a few “sexy girl” charts. Here’s a flash of her back from After School’s “Flashback” music video.

After School Nana Flashback

16. Jaekyung – Rainbow

Representing the color red in Rainbow and as group leader, Jaekyung’s natural ability at being provocatively sexy is not just in her magazine spreads or love of lingerie, but on stage where she captivates with her dance moves. And lingerie.

Rainbow Jaekyung Sexy

17. Kyungri – 9 Muses

Her eyes, her smile and her voice are her sexiest charms, but that doesn’t mean she can’t spice things up with lingerie and stage presence.

9 Muses Kyungri Sexy

18. Park Ji Yeon – TARA

T-ARA’s Ji Yeon might be the group’s youngest but she has a unique allure, a sincere beauty that shines even brighter in sad videos like 1 Min 1 Sec (Never Ever) that will always make her a contender. Oh, she’s also the lead dancer.

Jiyeon TARA Beauty

19. Jisoo – TAHITI

It’s easy to miss Jisoo because of K-Pop’s charts, but you can never miss a body like that, especially with her reputation as an athletic idol.


20. NS Yoon-G

Officer Yoon-G is a K-Pop kiss who loves to play, and her sexiness distracts you enough to go on high alert when she’s on the stage.

NS Yoon G Police

21. Soyu – SISTAR

She’s one of K-Pop’s favorite yoga girls, a serious contender in the sexy abs business and look at that summer body.

Sistar Soyu I Swear

That’s it! Did you manage to find your bias? Keep calm and love K-Pop.

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