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How Musiceon got her tattoos

Mozart and Musiceon

Musiceon’s long musings:
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Hallyu’s Muses: Why Is K-Pop Popular?
Coined by journalists from Beijing from back in 1999, Hallyu is a now-famous term that describes the flow of Korean culture outside of South Korea. At the front of that wave is K-Pop, led by Hallyu’s muses.

Devil’s Symphony: How Classical Evolved into Metal Music
As we compare them, let us trace the evolution of classical into metal music when technology opens Hell’s doors for the Devil’s Symphony.

Femme Fatale: Why Music Is Feminism’s Real Power Image result for feminist icon
Music is a powerful medium to advocate change, and those advocating for feminism should know to tap into the reach of an influential artist. Find out how…

The Tale Of Music And Islam Related image
Islamic music is a historically rich genre that’s blossoming once more, incorporating the world’s most popular sounds and genres, carving itself a path into the hearts of millions of people growing more disenchanted with religion.

Virtual Unreality: Music Edition
It’s time we take a look at how our virtual unreality has hit the world’s most popular art form, music, as well as its poor fans on the internet.

Hip Hop’s Guide To The Hustler’s Mentality
A hustler and the things he does have become somewhat of a complex art. Here’s how Hip Hop really wants you to look at a hustler.

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