Meaning Of VIXX’s “Error” Music Video

From diving into the occult universe in “Voodoo Doll” and exploring a time at the end of time in “Eternity”, the 6 boys from VIXX have been fighting the dark side of love since their debut. Through visually powerful concepts and interpretive choreography, they paint a picture of all the bad things that can happen when the harsh reality of love invades a fantasy world. This time, with KARA’s Youngji as the lover, a man tries to cast away his heart into cyberspace and transform into a cold, emotionless cyborg to escape love.

VIXX ErrorOnly to prove that love is even colder than machine.

About a week before the video’s release, they dropped some teaser photos and even a cool puzzle picture that have seen comments like “bionic”, “caked” and “creepy” because they were flashing robotic veins underneath human skin. Which fits the android concept just perfect. So now that it’s finally out, what other “errors” does this video have to “Hyde”? Let’s get into the mystery embedded within VIXX’s new video and uncover some meaning behind all this cool Korean melodrama.

Error 1: Feelings Not Found

The video and all the fancy robotics are futuristic, but this sad love story is not. In fact, it’s so ancient that it might even remind us a little of the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, where a musician ventured all the way down into hell to bring back his lover from the underworld. In this case, Hongbin used his extraordinary talent in robotics at first to erase his love. However, when he failed, he decided that he could try to pull her back from the brink of death instead.

Orpheus went through the underworld, while Hongbin went through cyberspace.

The concept of escaping from love by trying to forget it entirely is not something new. The problem is, love is not like that maths formula you learnt in school. Love as a memory is much, much stronger because it is powered by emotion, making it more indelible in our lives. Plus we have a natural craving to love and be loved. You tend to remember something better if you feel for it. You can go all the way to delete her number, block her on social media, pretend she didn’t exist – all the steps in the Wiki textbook. The prime mistake people make when trying to forget someone they loved deeply is that they think the human memory functions like a computer. They think that they can forget him or her in a snap.

Error 2: Love Cannot Be Deleted

Love can’t be deleted…instead it needs to be forgotten, and this takes time, conscious effort and lots of patience. When his memory came back when it was supposed to have been “deleted”, the rush of emotion conquered his logic (even though he was a genius scientist) and made him do foolish things.

Would you break the law in the name of love?

Going back to the question of how, if he’s deleted it, did the memory of his love come back?

Error 3: Love Not Found

Love comes in three stages. First there’s the crush, then there’s attraction and finally emotional attachment. As it grows stronger, love embeds itself deeper inside the brain until it reaches a point where it finds the heart. That’s the point where you’re willing to go through any means preserve it. Oh yes, you can definitely say that the love network is located in the brain, and that love hormones are produced through the nervous system.


Hongbin + Youngji so kewt.

But don’t forget that it’s the heart that pumps all those chemicals around the body, it’s the heart that supplies blood to the brain and most importantly, the heart is what keeps you alive. Now why is this important?

It’s already been proven that the brain is notorious for its ability to regenerate lost tissues. Plus the way a human brain stores a memory isn’t the same way a computer would – there’s no “file” that you can find and “delete”. A single memory in your brain…is stored all over your brain, but as it gets stronger, it starts to creep outside the brain.

Before the tragedy, Hongbin and Youngji would’ve spent so much time together that the mere presence near each other would cause their body to react in an involuntary, subconscious manner, like muscle memory. This would fire back the chemicals into the brain that’ll remind them, consciously, that “oh, I’m with you”.

Ever been so close to someone that you can instinctively tell they’re there, without thinking?

This is because the closer you get to someone, the more you, not just your brain, will remember the person. Brain, muscles, heart…they’re all part of the memory construct, they all can remember, it’s just that only the brain can do it “consciously”. While he successfully deleted it from his conscious mind, he failed to do it with the rest of his body. A body that shares the memory as good as his brain does. Because of his failure, his body was able to send the correct signals to help his brain consciously reconstruct the “deleted” memory. He was still able to catch onto this fact in the end, even though it was a bit too late:

Something went terribly wrong…
My heart is still remembering

Love is not found in the brain, it’s in the heart. To end the love, you must end the heart.

Everything that he’s confessed in his lyrics now start to gel with what’s going on in the video. His brain forgot, but his heart remembers “my heart was too sad”, his muscles remember “let me breathe”, his eyes remember “I saw you again, I cried”. He would’ve never noticed these intuitive bodily reactions, like us, if his brain still consciously remembered. But now that he’s started to take notice, he starts saying “I think I miss you more”. Love is quite strong, I must say. So what’s the ultimate message?

Love is still in the heart, not in the mind.

So if you want to gauge how strong your love is, to measure how much emotional attachment there is, just consult your intuition. On the other hand, making decisions on your relationship shouldn’t be powered by emotion, but thinking power. There, it’s time to use your brain, and only your brain.

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