Meaning Of Maroon 5’s “Animals” Video

Maroon 5 LogoOver the past years, we’ve known Maroon 5 as the pop rock band that’s consistently been exploring themes on relationships, betrayal and obsession with women. You only have to remember some of their older chart-toppers like “Payphone” and “Makes Me Wonder”, from way back in 2007, to picture how they’ve associated their brand with man who is still mystified by the female and his desire to understand and possess her. This year, however, it looks like they’ve gone all out primal with a video so disturbing that even feminist groups are getting angry.

But later on, we’re gonna see a twist.

Adam Levine plays the role of your local butcher with a dark secret. Soon after meeting a cute Blondie, he starts to obsess over her in the most obscene ways. From sexually fantasizing to stalking, secretly photographing to promising that he’ll hunt her down and eat her like prey, this entire song sounds like his confession as a sociopath. Time and again, blood, meat and naked bodies are used to represent the allegory of pure animal lust devoid of human morals.

Is this the mind of a sex predator?

From the beginning, we already know that this was going to be the story of some kind of creeper. There’s nothing vague about all the props being used. His dress code, his glasses, his cap, his handwriting, the camera flashes, even the whole butcher thing was tailored to remind us our own comical stereotype of how a creeper “should normally” look like.

Even though he could be anyone.

Maroon 5 Animals

Adam is just your local butcher.

Maroon 5 Animals

Who just so happens to be an avid “researcher” as well.

The video essentially mirrors the fact men are highly visual when it comes to sex, and in this case he wants badly to be the hunter. There’s nearly everything to imply that Adam’s just about to commit rape, and that the poor girl is going to be a victim. He’s got no social life, he’s doing all these weird and creepy stalking plus he just can’t stop saying “I’m preying on you tonight…hunt you down eat you alive”.

But did he really commit sex crime? Nope.

Maroon 5 Animals

She’s in the video.

The video has never been about sex crime, but social stereotype.

Young women today aren’t as naively optimistic as we assume. Sure they’ve been fed with false images of this world being all flowery and romantic, but it’s not like they don’t discover all the shocking but true stories from documentaries. They’re aware of men’s ideas about sex.

They know the difference between a stalker who’s just lusting for them and an actual psychotic. They know that leaving the safety of their homes to assume the crown of the modern, independent lady means that they have to take care of and defend themselves.

Instead of fearing about conservative society, they have mobilized “sexy” as a fashion that they can cleverly monetize. Cultivating this, they’ve become more vigilant and domineering, leading to this social wall where not every man can successfully approach her.

That doesn’t mean that she won’t fantasize herself with a man who is really good in bed, like Adam so explicitly implies with the term “beast”. Just because she’s hard to get doesn’t mean she is suppressing herself – women still belong in the animal kingdom, so of course they can be horny. Even more then their male counterparts, in fact.

I can still hear you making that sound
Taking me down rolling on the ground

As far as “prey” is concerned, we often forget how their relationship with “predator” doesn’t always make them the victim. In fact, they can be the dangerous ones too. For all that bragging about being a “predator” and her not being able to “deny” him, Adam still approached her gently and did nothing but fantasize wildly and steal photos. In the end, his weirdness becomes more pathetic than creepy.

Maroon 5 Animals

For all his beastly antics, he isn’t as confident approaching her.

Maroon 5 Animals

Rejected, it looks like he’s taking his revenge by sneaking into her house and taking photos.

Maroon 5 Animals

But then we see this image, which is an obvious fantasy.

Maroon 5 Animals

And we realize that all along he was just fantasizing. The best part? The girl knows this.

How did the fans react to such a graphic video?

Apparently lots of female fans have been complaining that the video’s taking light of the issue of terrorizing women, while some just love the “hot and freaky stalker” concept, but the major hubbub going around now is that a champion and support group for women’s rights RAINN has actually filed a formal complaint, saying that “The trivialization of these serious crimes, like stalking, should have no place in the entertainment industry.”

Which is a bit redundant, really.

What about the alleged connection to Satanism?

This is true. Tantric sex and blood bath in Satanism is an actual concept, one of which is the “Summer Solstice”. The ritual draws on the tremendous amounts of energy you get while performing it, and participants normally aim to seek even higher levels of pleasure as a devotion to lust. It’s really a complicated, freaky business. However, the video doesn’t make an open reference, so it’s not really “promoting” anything, but they’re similar in the sense that both just want to have some exciting sex while looking freaky.

For all the masochistic howling he’s making, his sexual frustration at punching and cleaving the meat, his desire to “eat” her as hungrily as you’d do actual food, his rather obscene idea of seeking pleasure whilst bathing in blood, not once did we see anybody harmed in the video.

Sex is run by animal instinct, not human intellect.

Maroon_5_-_V_(Official_Album_Cover)The whole theme highlighted for “Animals” is actually very, very simple. How to spice up your affairs in bed. For all abstract things like philosophy or religion, we’re gifted with intellect and ability to reason. However, sex is so primal that the only thing guiding you while you’re doing it is pure, animal instinct. Sex is something that has always been animalistic in nature, and if you try to study it like we do human love and relationships, you will be a very boring person in bed. End of story.

  • Jenny Reed

    Wow this is certainly controversial. It seems that you have very clear opinions on it that’s for sure! I’ll have to check out the while video before I form an opinion myself but it basically I think it could be a question of being controversial for controversial’s sake – which I guess worked because we’re talking about it!!

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