Ghost B.C. – Year Zero Analysis, Hail Satan

ghost-grucifixEvoking six of Christianity’s most feared, malevolent evils, Papa Emeritus II foretells a day of reckoning where kingdoms will fall, Heaven will be overthrown, incest is ripe, and much more. Prepare for a future reigned by the Lord of Flies, a future where we’re pretty much fucked. Look at this Grucifix, you still need proof?

Welcome to Year Zero.

Important Trivia(Read First):
Ghost is a Swedish Metal band whose Satanic theme is a kind of antithesis to the Roman Catholic Church. They adopt monikers like Papa Emeritus and Nameless Ghouls, performing in anonymity. The people in the video are actors, not the real members. Lastly, it’s just a cool song with a creepy theme and nobody’s sacrificing goats to Satan for real. So keep calm and enjoy the music.

Let’s look into the meaning of the song.

[pull_quote_center]Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer.[/pull_quote_center]

We like how some people here are scared they might really go to hell if they listen to it. Don’t worry guys of course you’ll be sent to the deepest level of the inferno there’s no harm in music. The song itself tends to nuzzle the Rock genre rather than Metal, despite influences from the latter. Demonology has so many names to choose from, yet it’s these six that appear in the lyrics. Why I wonder?

Here’s an information tidbit on each demon:

  • Belial. Originally a term in the Hebrew Bible meaning “worthless”, it became designated as a demonic figure in the New Testament as a fallen angel who spread lawlessness.
  • Behemoth. Often mentioned alongside Leviathan, it refers to a beast of great size and strength.
  • Beelzebub. Literally “Lord of the Flies”, it was originally a Semitic deity. Today it’s become synonymous with the Devil and is one of the 7 princes of Hell
  • Asmodeus. The demon of lust, one of the 7 deadly sins.
  • Satanas. Spanish for “Satan”
  • Lucifer. Translated as “the morning star”, Christianity’s primary symbol of evil is a fallen angel cast out of heaven, whose pride and hatred for humanity made turned him into God’s enemy

So putting them together you have: A worthless, horny, gigantic Spanish Lord of Flies in the morning. Now you realize how much the human race is in deep shit.

Earth Beelzebub

Adapted from

Goodbye Earth, it’s been nice knowing all of you.

Want a take on the lyrics? Sure you can take it?

Let’s look at Verse 1. Ghost just compared the whole of humanity to “…lice, Equal as parasites and moving without eyes”. There are many of us littering Earth, draining her resources, breeding in our billions, each with a short lifespan, can’t even fly (like a common housefly) and we don’t even see it. All we do is just ‘seek repentance’ and pray to God, pray to God and guess what? Pray to God.

But when Year Zero is here, there will be no more of this “penance” nonsense.

Coming to Verse 2 now. “Crestfallen kings and queens cavorting in their faith” It’s amusing to Satan, his legion and his cardinal Papa Emeritus II how the rich and powerful think that they’re safe in their wealth and protection from the Church. How they think that their God and technology can save them, yet “unbeknownst to them is the presence of the wraith”. That they think it’s the night they should fear, when Lucifer stands for ‘Morning Sun’.

But times change. Soon they will “stand in awe” as well as “tremble”.

ghost infestissumam

Did you know?
Ghost intends to remove the “B.C.” portion of their band name as soon as possible, something they were forced to adopt due to some legal issues. This CD that you see is their 2nd studio album, a masterpiece that took a lot of convincing a label to publish because it is what it is.

A medieval orgy.


If you don’t see Verse 3 as Satan’s anti-revelation, then it’s already over. “A daughter to fall for a son” is just the beginning. Since we’re all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, have we not been doing incest since the dawn of time?

Oh my Ghyhd.

Wait, what? I meant oh my Gnxiski.



  • more pop-rock than metal. that is a clever irony given their look. good musicianship.

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