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Hi, I’m Fira.

It probably didn’t take long for readers to figure out the concept that inspired Musiceon. I could have just gone with music and eon, pulling together a classic “music is timeless” concept. But I wanted Musiceon to be cute.

Musiceon is where I write about music, people, and why they matter. You might see some cool guides, long musings or sweet photos. The goal is to create prose that’s insightful, helpful or even inspiring. To understand people’s music, and why they sing it.

I spend a lot of time in the vast internet of music, up the stairway to heaven and down the highway to hell armed with a pair of headphones. Reading prose, curating playlists, saving visual art, following artists or exploring apps. Even as the world sleeps, a creative mastermind somewhere is giving it all to create their own masterpiece. There’s no end to our potential.

Musiceon finds the muse that inspired these creators.

As curators do, I use digital tools of the trade like Pocket to save or Feedly to pick my poison. If I find something curious I tweet about it. The most epic of such curated content go inside the newsletter, so do sign up if you want some fire in your inbox. 

Musiceon was made with ❤ for music.

Thanks for stopping by!

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